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Top 3 Reasons to Become an OTR Flatbed Driver:

Are you an experienced “over the road” (OTR) trucker considering becoming a flatbed driver? 

Obviously, there’s incentive. More importantly, there's a demand.


Do you need a few more reasons you should consider a career as an OTR flatbed driver?

Here they are...


Flatbed drivers are always learning something new.

You’ll master the art of load securement and tarping, but there's so much more to learn! With time, mileage and experience, your industry knowledge will continue to grow.

An experienced flatbed driver can go on to tackle over-dimensional loads. They learn to appreciate the complicated logistics of hauling highly regulated shipments. They relish the test of easing an extended trailer round a winding highway exit.

Become an industry expert.

As a flatbed driver, not only do you gain common trucking knowledge, but you will learn about complex local and federal transportation regulations. It is extremely important to know the significant demand of accurate state, county, municipal and load-specific permitting.


You'll always have a story to tell.

Though it may be one of the toughest trucking jobs out there, being a flatbed driver is also rewarding. You're not just a driver out on the highway, you're a professional problem-solver. The perfect combination of skill, patience, dedication and communication are required to be a successful OTR Flatbed driver.

Join our team of experienced OTR Flatbed Drivers today!

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